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Transanatolia Rally 2023

Turchia Tour

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West Africa off-road
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Turchia - Monti Toros e la costa mediterranea di Fethye.
La storica Lycia, regione romana nota nella mitologia per Bellorofonte e il suo cavallo alato Pegaso- Yaka e Tlos sono la base degli itinerari con l'accogliente Tlos Mountain Lodge di Sonke Bonde e la sua famiglia.
Percorsi di una settimana con moto a nolo o di vostra proprietą- Si guida su mulattiere e altipiani dei fantastici monti Toros incontrando meraviglie naturali come le Gole di Saklikent, o pił in basso sulla costa tra Marmaris, Fethye, Kas con in vista l'isola greca di Rodi. La spiaggia di Patara, l'antico porto dell'impero romano, classificata una delle pił belle al mondo.

Novembre: 16/11-23/11
Dicembre: 21/12-28/12 --- 28/12-04/01/14

The gateway between West and East - It is so true that its great metropolis (19 million inhabitants), once Constantinople, today Istanbul, is on one side in Europe and on the other in Asia. The extraordinary natural isthmus of the Bosphorus and the Sea of ??Marmara divide this land which has given birth to important civilizations of such magnitude as to mark radical changes in the history of the two continents but which have always created a bridge between them. Anatolia, as the Asian land of Turkey has always been defined, is a territory with extraordinary geological transformations that sometimes incredibly re-propose places and situations that can be found in the Americas, in Africa, in Europe. Inside, mountains reach 2000 / 3000m up to Ararat with its 5000m and the enigma of the mythological Noah's Ark. Plateaus and plains and woods and water, a lot of water that flows from sources everywhere, and high-altitude lakes and great rivers such as the Tigris and the Euphrates that are life for the whole Middle East. The fauna and crops of all kinds are very rich, up to the banana plantations in the south. The coasts: the Aegean, rich in history from Troy to Efesus, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, all so different from each other and so fascinating. The populations are very hospitable and worthy of their best culture and tradition. All this to understand how off-road itineraries are of almost infinite multiplicity and always different, always unique in terms of interest.

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