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Transanatolia Rally 2023

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West Africa off-road
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The route off road

We follow well known tracks and off road paths to encounter sites far away from the usual tourist places. The routes can be difficult and not very easy going, but you will be taken in untouchable and spectacular territories full of wild nature, beauty and sites never seen before.
Driving the 4x4 vehicles yourself, will give you pleasure and fun. Crossing deserts, savannahs, forests, mountains; facing difficulties and obstacles will give you the chance to prove yourself against the forces of nature.
That’s the reason for going on an off road holiday: wide spaces, your friends, or just you and your transport. At the end of it all you will be satisfied and proud of having faced and overcome all the difficult times you had to face and, most of all, you will appreciated these distant places. If you use your own transport you will appreciate all this much more having previously prepared your motorbike, 4x4 or mountain bike at home before leaving.

Before checking yourself in unknown lands, you have got to confront yourself with some organizational problems. The limited time of days you have got for your trip is probably not more then 10-15 days. This short time cannot included the time to organize and send your transport in other Continents; doesn’t include bureaucracy and mechanical inconvenience that cause delays to your holiday duration. All this can be solved if you are assisted and followed by professional experts.
We will prepare and follow your trip sending your transport and you to the chosen place and we will give you all the mechanical assistance in case you break down.

Evasioni rally raid in Transanatolia Rally 2013




Driver requirements
4X4: At least 2 completed trips in the desert or a very good knowlege of your vehicle in off-road conditions.
MOTO: At least 2 completed trips in the desert or endurance experience in your own country for at least 2 years.

Vehicle requirements
4X4: Reinforced suspension / desert tyres + two spare wheels / spare fuel tanks for 60 litres / Water tank of 30 litres or at least 20 litres / Sand mats and a shovel / Modified air filter and spare filter elements / Recent service and general pre-departure check.
MOTO: Desert tyres / 20 litre fuel tank / Engine sump guard / New sprockets and chain / Hardened rear sprocket in abrasion resistent steel / Hand protectors / Complete suit and protective gear.
MOUNTAIN BIKE: Average weight 12kg / Suspension front and rear / Steel spokes / Big off-road tyres.


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