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Partenze 2011:

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Partenza da Ensenada
Arrivo Cabo San Lucas

km tot 1.800

Terra/sabbia: km 1500
Asfalto: km300
Transfer: giorni 2
Percorso: giorni 8
Riposo: giorni 3
Hotel: notti 9
Bivacchi: notti 2

Partecipazione con mezzi
propri e/o nolo


Quota indicativa
eu 3.350

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Messico-Baja California. Baja California, regardless of the two opposite neighboring cultures, that of the United States and that of continental Mexico, has managed to maintain its own personality, as wild and unpredictable as the nature that covers it. With its 1700 kilometers of extension, Baja California offers a unique spectacle with the tranquility of its cactus deserts, endless beaches, incredible rock formations, colorful sea, clear blue sky, dolphins, whales, the sea lions, the great variety of birds. The tour route basically follows the stages of the famous "Dakar Americana - Baja 1000", the grueling off road race, the hardest and most famous desert race in the world. Departure from Ensenada on the border with the USA and arrival after 1700 km in Cabo San Lucas, the extreme southern tip of Baja California. The bottom is mainly the dirt road of the American desert alternating with sandy stretches. The ocean coast and its gulfs, which are touched at the end of the day, present landscapes of incomparable beauty. At the end of the trip, two days of well-deserved rest on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas will conclude this extraordinary expedition to Central America.



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