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Transanatolia Rally 2023

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West Africa off-road
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Giorni: 10
km tot: 1250
km asfalto: 50
km dune/sabbia: 450
km terra/sasso: 750
hotel notti: 3
bivacco notti: 6

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MAROCCO Atlantic coast. The extraordinary diversity of the Moroccan territory is unique in North Africa; deserts, high peaks, even snow-capped, of the Atlas, the Mediterranean coast and finally the Atlantic coast. Ocean shore partly rich in history with the presence of ancient and current settlements and partly still wild. Our itinerary starts from Essaouira and ends in Tan Tan. The tracks initially advance on the reliefs close to the ocean; winding mule tracks that pass from village to village. After crossing the ancient frontier of the Spanish protectorate of Sidi Ifni, the Atlantic coast opens up to us for hundreds of kilometers passing on the Plage Blanc to finish in Tan Tan. Itinerary on the shore at low tide, on very white dunes, on golden dunes of the ergs that lap and sink into the high waves of the ocean; crossing of oued and crossing of the mouth of the great Draa; the discovery of fortresses and watchtowers from the Spanish era; the villages and fishermen's huts that supply food for our suggestive nocturnal bivouacs on the dunes by the ocean. This is an overview that in a few lines cannot make known the sensations of this journey but must be an invitation to participate in order to experience them.

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