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EVASIONI is the technical and logistic rally support. Fiorenzo Lo Giusto, the owner, has more then 20 years experience in Professional rally and African off-road tours and many other sectors. His many years of experience and all his equipment are regularly needed for general technical assistance in motorbike and car rallies. The most famous he has worked on is the Paris-Dakar, but also many other African competitions, scientific expeditions with zoologist scientists in the Niger Sahara desert. These are usually in cooperation with travel agencies with clients using their own machines.
Technical and mechanical assistance for off road transport such as motorbikes, 4x4 and mountain bikes
The service is given by professional experts experienced in competition (Dakar rally, Egyptian rally) and tourist routes.
Logistic assistance and camping
All the equipment, spares, petrol and water are transported by trucks and 4x4 vehicles.
Assistance for delivering your own transport to the right place
The customer’s transport is sent in containers from your country to the starting place for off-roading and returned.
EVASIONI RALLY RAID offers the rent of 4x4, motorbikes and mountain bikes if don’t have your own or don’t want to take it.

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