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Transanatolia Rally 2023

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Giorni: 10
Km totali: 1370
Km/giorno: 170
Dune: km 350
Sabbia: km 400
Sasso/terra: km 410
Asfalto: km 110
Pista: km 910
Fuoripista: km 350
Giorni viaggio: 8
Giorni riposo: --
Giorni trasferimento: 2
Notti Hotel: 4
Notti Bivacco: 5
Partecipanti: 10-12px
Periodo: marzo/aprile

Gruppi: 2 (quad - moto)

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Trasporto A/R mezzi
Italia/Algeria a cura

Partecipanti - Transfer Aereo A/R

ALGERIA. It is the center, the heart of the Sahara and, for about two thirds of the surface, sand and large dunes. To the south the two massifs of Hoggar and Tassili, with peaks that measure up to 3000 m. It was the first Sahara visited by tourists in the middle of the last century. An ancient French colony, after the bloody war of liberation, it gained independence; the French, despite past events, have somehow contributed to his knowledge in Europe and in the world with various initiatives. One of these was the Paris - Dakar, the most famous adventure race in the world that in the 80s and 90s made known to the world public opinion the existence of Tamanrasset, reinforcing the myth it already enjoyed in history. The mythical Tamanrasset is the center of the Algerian South Sahara and belongs with Djanet ("the pearl of Tassili"), to the territory of the Tuareg people. Our itineraries wind between these two oases and cross the Hoggar massif on slopes that climb up to 2700 m on the Assekrem to the refuge of the hermitage of Padre de Foucauld. Spectacular sunset and sunrise on the volcanic peaks of Atakor. Then on narrow and tortured dirt roads towards Djanet. On approach, the pace on the course becomes faster. The arrival of the first part of the journey is in this beautiful mountain oasis; the oldest part of the village is made of stones and mud. Direction south-east and it starts again towards the Tadrart Acacus, a continuation massif of the more famous Libyan Acacus: it is of equal beauty and emotions. Then come the great red dunes of Tin Merzuga. From the dunes to the extraordinary rocky stacks emerging from the sands that create a sinuous path of rare beauty and fantastic views: it is Alidemma. The exit from the fairy tale labyrinth is on the infinite plate: "nothingness", as Tenerč is translated from the Tuareg language. It is the upper part of the mythical desert on the Algeria - Niger border. As on a billiard table, at speed for more than a hundred kilometers, the route goes off-piste in the great Erg Admer, on its dunes and inside the corridors between these formats. The tour ends with the return to the "Pearl of Tassili": Djanet.

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